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Clean and Refresh Your Apartment

Most of us are spending more time in our apartments these days. Cleaning and reorganizing your apartment can help to fight cabin fever and make staying at home more enjoyable. You might be surprised how easy it is to give your apartment a new life and make your space feel fresh! Start with these simple steps:

Reorganize Closets and Cabinets: Optimize your storage spaces and make the things you need and use often easy to find and put away. You will be less likely to leave clothes, tools, and kitchen items out if they have a designated spot where they are stored. It’s also much easier to clean your apartment or cook a meal when the things you need are quick and easy to find.

Clear Away the Clutter: Get a fresh start by removing any clutter that may have piled up in your apartment. Throw out junk mail that has collected on counters and tables, and throw away those magazines you never read. It will be much easier to dust tables and clean your counters without these items in your way, and you can avoid the frustration of trying to clean around them.

Put Away Last Season’s Clothes: Make room for the clothes you want to wear this season! Saving space is especially important when you live in an apartment, particularly in your closets. Swap last season’s clothes for more appropriate items and store outfits that you won’t wear again until next season. As you sort through your clothes, you can also find the clothes you no longer need. Donate anything you never wear instead of packing it away.

Cleaning Tips for Your Daleville ApartmentOpen the Windows: Fresh air can improve your mood and boost your energy level, especially while you are cleaning and organizing storage spaces. Opening the windows also improves the air quality inside your apartment while you are dusting or vacuuming. If hot or cold weather makes it difficult to open the windows for long periods of time, try opening them for short intervals in different rooms.

Wash and Refresh Soft Surfaces: No matter how often you vacuum rugs, blankets, and cushions, soft surfaces can store odors and start to smell musty. Machine wash small rugs, blankets, and sofa coverings, and take larger, more delicate items to the dry cleaner. Treat your carpets with a dust mite treatment to refresh them and make them healthier to live with.

Add Some Greenery: You can freshen up your apartment with some ‘landscaping’. Indoor plants improve your apartment air quality and give your mood a lift by adding life and color to your space. There is a wide variety of potted plants and flowers that thrive in an indoor environment with just a little window light. Check out our blog posts about how to choose Apartment Friendly Plants.

A little cleaning can go a long way to spruce up your space and renew your love for your apartment! Start small with a simple task and spread your efforts over a week to make the job feel less overwhelming, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the fresh, clean home you’ve always wanted.