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Grateful Grub: Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Are you trying to decide what to make for your Thanksgiving meal? Maybe you’re bored of the “usual suspects” and what to try a more creative menu. Or perhaps you want to keep it simple and cheap so that you can enjoy spending time with your guests (rather than spending time and money in the kitchen). No matter what kind of Thanksgiving you hope to host, we can help you find the perfect menu!

40 Best Thanksgiving Menu Ideas for Planning the Feast from Start to Finish (The Pioneer Woman)
If you like to try something new every year, this list of menus will keep you busy for quite a while! Lots of delicious options (some of which are VERY specific, like our favorite, the Cheese Lover’s Menu) will keep things interesting for many years to come. If you attend more than one potluck this season, this is the place to find ideas that will make your dish stand out!

Thanksgiving Every Way (Epicurious)
So this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving? No problem! So your sister-in-law is a vegetarian? No problem! Uncle Bart has gone gluten-free? NO PROBLEM! Epicurious has a delicious menu to help you navigate any challenge. They even provide a handy menu for those who want to celebrate solo.

Thanksgiving Menus to Enjoy in your Daleville ApartmentFood Network’s Favorite Thanksgiving Menus (Food Network)
Of course, the Food Network has great menus to inspire your inner chef! Choose from Classic, Southern-Style, Budget-Friendly, and Quick and Easy menus, or channel the stars with a celebrity menu from Bobby Flay or The Barefoot Contessa.

31 Thanksgiving Dinner Menus for the Perfect Feast (Country Living)
Let’s face it – there are as many ways to make Thanksgiving perfect as there are people! Find unique menus for the grill lover, the vegan, and the Chinese food lover, in addition to several options for traditional Thanksgiving fare. We love the “make ahead” options that allow us to spend more time with family.

23 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas to Suit Any and All Taste Preferences (Better Homes & Gardens)
Thank you, BG&H, for making it easy to make every guest feel special with lots of different options! Soul food, Cajun, Mexican, and Chinese feasts can either replace your entire menu or add a spicy dish to your standard traditional fare. We especially love the International Menu as a yummy and inclusive alternative to “tried-and-true”.

Mix it Up

If you’re a chef who likes to mix and match recipes to create your own menu, you can use these sites to collect some proven winners for your feast:

40 Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for the Ultimate Turkey Day Menu (Good Housekeeping)
35 Traditional Dishes You Need For The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu (delish)
31 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas That Are Solid Holiday Gold (bon appétit)

A Delicious End

Thanksgiving Menus to Create in your Daleville ApartmentOur favorite part of Thanksgiving is the dessert! Food Network has conveniently created a list of 125 delicious creations, from simple to super, to make you come back for seconds (and thirds):

125 Thanksgiving Desserts Everyone Will Gobble Up (Food Network)
We love the “Every Flavor Thanksgiving Pie Bars” that allow you to enjoy pecan, apple, and pumpkin pie all in one bite!

Create your very own menu and enjoy a holiday to be thankful for!