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How to Change Your Address

Moving into a new apartment is exciting, but it also includes a long list of details you need to address. Perhaps one of the most important details is making sure you change your address so that your shipments and mail come to your new apartment. It may sound simple, but it can be a daunting task if you’re not very organized. Use these tips to help you change your address properly.

Get Organized
Now is the time to make a list of all the services and subscriptions you use. This includes pet subscriptions, clothing and stylist services, health prescriptions, magazines you receive, etc. Often, many of these services allow you to quickly and easily change your address online. If you save your address locally in your browser so that you can use autofill, be sure to save the new address so that you don’t end up changing it every time you subscribe to a new service.

Contact Your Bank and Financial Institutions
Make a list of all the banks and other financial services you use, including loan providers, credit card companies, investment advisors, and retirement planners. You can usually update your address easily online or over the phone. This is an especially important part of updating your address to complete before tax season.

Contact Government Agencies
You’ll need to notify federal and state government agencies that your address is changing. You can go online to complete Form 882 for the IRS. State governments follow various processes and can generally be found online. If you are receiving social security, you’ll need to update your address at the nearest Social Security Administration office.

Contact Health Care and Service Providers
Create a list of doctors and health care providers whom you visit and make sure that they have your most current address. You’ll also want to contact all insurance providers, including health insurance, car insurance, renter’s insurance, and personal property insurance. If you have pets, be sure to change your address with your veterinarian and your pet insurer when applicable. Be sure to contact your utility providers as well so that you don’t end up paying for utilities you aren’t using.

How to Change Your AddressUpdate Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration
Most states allow you to change your address on your driver’s license within 30 days of moving. In some cases, you may change your address online while others will ask that you visit the Department of Motor Vehicles office with proof of address. You will also need to register your vehicle if you move to a different state or county. You can look up your local county clerk’s office online to change your registration.

Contact Friends and Family
If you’re lucky, your friends and family know that you’re moving and want to know your address, saving you the trouble of tracking everyone you know down and telling them your new address. DO NOT use social media to post your new address, although you can post that your address has changed and ask that people contact you to get your new address. Use email or send out announcement cards to let those closest to you know that you are moving to a new address.

Contact the Post Office
If you are worried that you haven’t changed every single address or haven’t contacted that long-lost relative, the US post office can help. If you go to the post office in person, you can change your address for free. If you choose to change the address online, you will be charged a small fee. In either case, you can set up the start date to forward your mail. First-class, express, and package mail can be forwarded to your new address for up to 12 months, but magazines and newspapers will only be forwarded for 60 days.

While you are making lists and compiling information, do your future self a favor and create a spreadsheet or some other “master” document that you can use to find this important information if you need it later (or if you move again). All done? Then it’s time to go enjoy your new apartment!

As you can see, making sure that you properly update your address is an important part of the moving process. It not only ensures you don’t miss your shipments and mail, but it also can create a feeling of security since you won’t have to worry about old or outdated information floating around out there. Hopefully these tips have given you some insight into the process of changing your address so that it’s quick and easy for you as soon as you’re settled into your new home.

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